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The DEA has changed the status of ALL Hydrocodone products.  This will affect your refills and new prescription if you are on this medication.

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We at Village Pharmacy are committed to helping you with all of your prescription, holistic, and organic needs. We carry a wide variety of natural/herbal products.

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We at Village Pharmacy are committed to helping you with all of your prescription, holistic, and organic needs. We carry a wide variety of natural/herbal products as well classic over-the-counter medications.
We specialize in organic and gluten-free products, foods, and produce. We are one of very few places in the area that carry such a wide variety of these products. We are happy to special order a hard to find product for you if we can get it.

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Village Pharmacy accepts ALL major Prescription Insurances!!!  We will even help you with processing Workman's Compensation Insurances.  Come visit us for your prescription needs knowing that we take your insurance.

Store News & Good Health Articles

Minor pains, headaches, and fevers are a part of our every day lives.  Whether it's for us or our children, most people keep over-the-counter anti-inflammatories and/or Tylenol around our homes.  This article should be of interest to everyone because it shows just how dangerous these common and often though "safe" medications can be.

Many times when we get sick and antibiotic is not needed even though we think we should get one.  Antibiotic overuse has let to many strains of bacteria becoming more and more resistant and strong and stronger antibiotics having to be used for things that were once cured with the simplest and safest of antibiotic.  Take a look at this article and it will surprise you how often no antibiotics are needed when you or your child gets sick.

Many people are not aware how food allergies can affect which medications they would be allergic to as well.  There are medications that are made with many of the common food allergies that we have today.  Next time check this article if you are a person with food allergies.  May help prevent you from having an allergic reaction to a medication.

In a time of longer work hours, less time outside, and living in the northern hemisphere sunlight exposure has decreased and therefore so has our vitamin D levels.  Take a look at this fact sheet and article about the types of Vitamin D deficiencies, how they are treated and what benefits you can get from supplementing Vitamin D.

Please take a look at our handy Sunscreen guide and fact sheet...with summer not far off its important to get educated early.

Village Pharmacy Health Tips
Allergies & Ashtma? Tips for stimulating your body's natural defense
About 40 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies.* Here are some tips for stimulating your body’s natural defenses to relieve allergies. Use a cold compress to relieve dryness and inflammation of the eyes. Vacuum regularly to remove excess pet hair, dust and dander. Monitor pollen levels with smart phone app and stay inside when levels are high. Shower often after being outside. Drink hot peppermint tea to help decongest your nose and throat. Finally, try homeopathic eye drops, nasal decongestants and mucus syrups. ... more

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